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  • When new boilers satisfy old heater


    With a boiler upgrade implying modern condensing boilers, Robert Brown of Bosch Commercial & Industrial Heating, describes how modern condensing boilers can be introduced to update existing heating systems with the minimum quantity of upheaval for maximum savings.

    For those thinking of embarking on a boiler-replacement task, the good news is that performing work to update a system need to be as intrusive as you may anticipate. Whilst one solution certainly doesn’t fit all, there are ways and methods of integrating brand-new condensing boilers into existing systems and pipework, without the threat of any contamination of the primary boiler circuit or loss of performance.


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  • Why the heart of the heating unit


    Technologies such as combined heat and power and biomass boilers ought to not be regarded as diversions to guaranteeing that the gas-fired boiler plant that is still needed operates as part of an efficient system even prior to other technologies are included. Stuart Turner of Hamworthy Heating offers an insight.

    In November last year Amber Rudd, Secretary of State for Energy & Climate Change, set out the brand-new direction for the UK energy policy. She likewise stressed the significance of energy effectiveness to minimize costs, enhance productivity and competitiveness.

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  • Plumbing and mapping

  • It’s been a while since I dipped into the geology file and I discovered a number of intriguing things. When I was a kid, my moms and dads and I checked out Yellowstone National Park. I was amazed by the bears and the buffalo; I was equally interested by the regularly emerging geysers. A few of them, like Old Faithful, appear so regularly you can nearly set your watch by them. I wondered at the time why they did that.

    Now, scientists at UC Berkeley have finally discovered the response. Geysers apparently emerge periodically because they have loops or side-chambers in their underground plumbing. If you are interested in starter kit


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